Marubishi is a steel wire manufacturer founded in 1969.

Our galvanized steel wire “Mac Wire” is widely used as a wire material for precision springs used in items, such as home electric appliances, office automated equipment, and on-vehicle equipment by many major and listed companies, earning high praise on stable supply, product quality, and instant delivery system for over 35 years.

We also developed copper-plated steel wire for conductive springs according to your needs and offer products in a wide range of fields, such as medical, communications, semiconductors, and environmental energy as well as springs.

We will further improve the technology we have cultivated over many years and add various functions according to your needs to help you not only add values but also develop technology in cutting-edge fields.

Our Strength, and Reason Why We Are Chosen

Technology to Meet Your Needs

We are a steel wire manufacturer specializing in extra fine wire and fine wire.

We specialize in extra fine drawn wire and precision drawn wire, such as extra fine piano wire with a wire diameter of 0.03mm and ultra-high precision wire with a wire diameter tolerance of ±0.1μm.

We can also wiredraw not only hard drawn steel wire and piano wire but also stainless-steel wire, copper wire, brass wire, alloy wire, and other types of wire to widely support joint development and OEM supply of these products.

We will help you conduct monozukuri (manufacturing) with our long-term experience and technical skills.

Agile Order Receiving and Production System

We receive orders from one coil and one bobbin plated steel wire for springs.

We have built an instant delivery system, handling many types of hard drawn steel wire in all wire diameters and piano wire mainly in extra fine wire diameter.

We also have non-spring products, such as saw wire and copper wire for micro catheters.
We accept orders for paid samples of our inventory items.

So, consult us if you consider using our products for prototyping or other purposes.

A Wide Range of Achievements

Our plated steel wire is used for precision spring materials for items, such as digital cameras, printers, copiers, mobile phone, audio equipment, and on-vehicle equipment made by leading manufacturers in Japan and overseas.

In addition, our wire is used for various applications, such as springs in a variety of industries, such as automobile, medical, communication, and environmental energy industries.

We also supply wire for research institutes in the most advanced fields including universities and JAXA.

Company Overview

Company NameMarubishi Co., Ltd.
Head Office399 Minaminaka-Kashii, Izumisano-shi, Osaka, 598-0035 Japan
FoundationFebruary 8, 1969
EstablishmentNovember 21, 1974
Paid-in CapitalJPY 30 million
Line of BusinessGalvanized steel wire, Copper plated steel wire, extra fine steel wire, Saw wire, Ferrule polishing wire, Silver plated steel wire, Copper wire for core material of catheter tube, extra fine Brass Wire



1969Founded in Izumisano-shi, Osaka.
Started the production of galvanized steel wire.
1974Marubishi Co., Ltd. established with capital 5 million yen.
1982Started production and sales of “Mac Wire”, galvanized steel wire for precision spring.
1984Increased the facilities of wire drawing and electroplating.
1990increased to capital 30 million yen.
2001Started production and sales of “Mac Wire CP”, copper plated steel wire for precision spring.
2004Started production and sales of extra fine steel wire.
2006Established a laboratory to develop new products, such as saw wire, silver plated steel wire.
2007Installed batch-type heating furnace and strand-type furnace.
2010Increased the facilities of wire drawing for saw wire.
2013Started production and sales of ferrule polishing wire.
2016Started production and sales of extra fine brass wire.

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