Mac Wire

Our galvanized steel wire “Mac Wire”, having excellent corrosion resistance and uniform plating color with gloss, is a VA suggested material not requiring post-plating.


  • “Mac Wire” we have supplied for leading domestic and overseas manufacturers as precision spring materials for over 35 years.
  • “Mac Wire” with high wire diameter accuracy and circularity.
  • Also available for products focusing on appearance with beautiful glossy silver color.
  • Superior in corrosion resistance against steel wire surfaces with the galvanized plating characteristics.
  • Effective for eliminating problems, such as tangling of springs and plating defects that may occur after post-plating.
  • Chrome-free and environmentally friendly pure galvanized steel wire.
  • Recommended for substitutions, having more excellent spring strength and setting resistance than stainless steel wire.
  • Available from an order of one piece with our instant delivery system to respond to your needs for prototyping and quick orders.
  • Enabling wire diameter drawing in increments of 0.001mm to support your desired wire diameter, such as the inch size.


  • Precision springs for items, such as precision parts, office automation equipment, on-vehicle equipment, and communication terminals
  • Small coil springs for stationery, such as ballpoint pens and staplers
  • Strings for string instruments
  • Machine tool applications
  • Compression spring of the galvanizing steel wire
  • Tension spring of the galvanizing steel wire


1. Galvanized Hard Drawn Steel Wire

Product NameMac Wire 80
StandardJIS G3521 SW-C
Diameter Range0.2mm–0.8mm
Diameter Tolerance+0 -0.002mm
Diameter Deviation0.001mm or less
Packing StylesBobbin/Coil

2. Galvanized Piano Wire

Product NameMac Wire PA / Mac Wire PB / Mac Wire PH
StandardJIS G3522 SWP-A / JIS G3522 SWP-B / SWP-H
Diameter Range0.05mm–0.8mm *
Diameter Tolerance+0 -0.002mm
Diameter Deviation0.001mm or less
Packing StylesBobbin/Coil
* The SWP-H wire diameter range is 0.05mm–0.19mm.

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