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About 40 years ago, there were few plated steel wires for small coil springs. It was common to perform galvanized or nickel plating after spring-forming process with steel wire without plating.

However, post-plating treatment had problems, such as uneven plating, poor plating, and tangling of springs, which were bothering many spring manufacturers.

To solve these problems, we started thinking about whether we could process springs using galvanized materials excellent in corrosion resistance. This was the beginning of the development of “Mac Wire”.

Meanwhile, in accordance with changes in the market environment, many of the small coil spring materials were replaced with stainless steel wire in a condition where manufacturers disliked disadvantages and the problems caused by post-plating of springs.

After all, while the increased demand for cost reductions by spring manufacturers made it difficult to use stainless steel wire, we developed and started marketing “Mac Wire” in 1982.

Evaluated with coiling performance several times higher than conventional galvanized steel wire, as well as glossy plating and uniform color tone, “Mac Wire” was adopted for many small coil springs replaced with stainless steel wire.

In addition, “Mac Wire” was also adopted for precision spring materials for items, such as electric appliances, office automation equipment, and digital cameras of major manufacturers in both Japan and overseas, receiving evaluation on its high wire diameter precision, high yield rate, and our instant delivery system.

Today, our “Mac Wire” is used for precision springs for items, such as communication terminals including smartphones, on-vehicle equipment, and electronic parts.

“Mac Wire” is adopted as a precision spring material by leading manufacturers both in Japan and overseas.

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