Copper Wire for Core Material of Micro-catheter Tube

This is copper wire for micro-catheters developed to focus on releasability from resin and reduction of wire surface contamination.


  • High precision copper wire with a wire diameter tolerance of ±0.005mm, suitable for micro-catheters.
  • Wire drawing performed for your desired wire diameter in increments of 0.01mm according to the inner diameter of the catheter tube.
  • Improved releasability from resin compared with conventional products in the drawing process of copper wire.
  • Wiping finish performed to reduce surface contamination of copper wire.
  • We also receive small orders with short delivery time for prototyping or other applications.


  • Core material of micro-catheter tube


Product NameCopper Wire for Catheter Tube
Diameter Range0.2mm–1.5mm
Diameter Tolerance±0.005mm
Stretch Ratio20% or over
MaterialTough pitch copper (C1100)
FinishingBright annealing and Wiping surface

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