Our products are used by many domestic and overseas companies with our highly evaluated original plating and wire drawing technologies.

We also receive good reviews about services, such as small orders and instant delivery systems.

Galvanized steel wire for spring "Mac Wire"

This is galvanized steel wire realizing high yield rate and excellent glossy surface.

Copper plated steel wire for spring "Mac Wire CP"

This is a copper plated piano wire for precision springs requiring conductivity.

Plated extra fine steel wire

This is high strength plated extra fine piano wire with a minimum wire diameter of 0.03mm.

Saw wire

This is core wire of diamond wire, which cuts materials, such as silicon for solar cells.

Ferrule inner diameter polishing wire

This is metal wire having high roundness with a wire diameter tolerance of ±1μm.

Silver plated steel wire

This is silver plated piano wire excellent in conductivity and radio wave reception performance.

Copper wire for core material of micro-catheter tube

This is a core material for resin molding of catheter tubes.

Extra fine brass wire

This is extra fine brass wire with a minimum wire diameter of 0.04mm.

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