Zirconia Ferrule Inner Diameter Polishing Wire

This product is high-strength piano wire having excellent precision and high roundness developed for polishing the inner diameter of zirconia ferrule, which is the core part of the optical communication connector.


  • High-strength piano wire having high precision with a wire diameter tolerance of ±1μm 
  • Having high roundness with a diameter deviation of less than 1μm
  • We perform adjustment of diamond dies in our company, enabling quick response to your desired wire diameter in increments of 1μm.
  • Hard to break and excellent in durability with ultra-high cleanliness steel used for the base material.


  • Polishing the inner diameter of zirconia ferrule


Product NameFerrule Polishing Wire
Diameter Range300μm–800μm
Diameter Tolerance±1μm
Diameter Deviation1μm or less
(0.001mm or less)
Packing StylesBobbin

If you desire other wire diameter, please contact us.

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