Mac Wire CP

Our copper plated wire “Mac Wire CP” is excellent in spring characteristics and fatigue strength with conductivity, suitable for substitutions of phosphor bronze wire and beryllium copper wire.


  • Designed with a copper plating thickness with 13%–15% IACS conductivity.
  • “Mac Wire CP” with high wire diameter accuracy and circularity.
  • Suitable for battery contact springs and conductive strings for items, such as small mortors.
  • Excellent in solderability, and optimum for electronic parts.
  • Available for identification applications using copper plating oxidation interference color.
  • Copper plated piano wire having an antibacterial effect on O157 and influenza virus.
  • Excellent in spring characteristics and fatigue strength than phosphor bronze wire and beryllium copper wire as a VA suggestion material, realizing miniaturized springs and cost reductions.
  • Enabling wire diameter drawing in increments of 0.001mm to support your desired wire diameter, such as the inch size.


  • Springs requiring conductivity for items, such as office automation equipment, electronic parts, mobile terminals, and motor brushes
  • Battery contact springs
  • Core wire for diamond wire
  • Endoscope control wire
  • Wiring of electronic circuit boards
  • Precision spring of the copper plated steel wire


Copper Plated Piano Wire

Product NameMac Wire CP
StandardJIS G3522 SWP-A / JIS G3522 SWP-B / SWP-H
PlatingCopper Plating
Diameter Range0.03mm–0.8mm *
Diameter Tolerance+0 -0.002mm
Diameter Deviation0.001mm or less
Conductivity13%–15% IACS
Packing StylesBobbin/Coil
* The SWP-H wire diameter range is 0.03mm–0.19mm.

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