Extra Fine Brass Wire

This is extra fine brass wire with a minimum wire diameter of 0.04mm, which can be also used for fiber applications.


  • Our extra fine brass wire is optimum for medical use, having antibacterial effect for deactivating O157, influenza, and norovirus.
  • It is extra fine brass wire, which can be used for antibacterial fiber applications.
  • We also receive small orders such as samples. Please contact us.


  • Antibacterial fiber


Product NameExtra Fine Brass Wire
Diameter40μm (0.04mm)
60μm (0.06mm)
80μm (0.08mm)
100μm (0.1mm)
MaterialJIS H3260 C2700W
Chemical CompositionCu 63–67%
Zn Balance
(Pb 0.05% or less, Fe 0.05% or less)
Packing StylesBobbin

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