Conductivity of “Mac Wire CP” is 13%–15% IACS.

Our copper plated steel wire “Mac Wire CP” has a conductivity of 13%–15% IACS, which is generally said to be equivalent to CP-15.

Conductive performance and conductivity are not affected by discoloration, oxide film, and copper rust on the plated surface.

IACS is the standard of electrical resistance, which sets the electrical resistance of annealed copper to 100%IACS.

Comparison of Conductivity

Wire MaterialsConductivity
Silver Wire110%
Annealed Copper Wire100%
Gold Wire80%
Aluminum Wire60%
Beryllium Copper Wire27%
Brass Wire25%
Copper Plated Steel Wire
“Mac Wire CP”
Phosphor Bronze Wire for Spring12%
Piano Wire, Hard Drawn Steel Wire9.5%
Stainless Steel Wire (SUS304)2%

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